Our Story

Gem The Label is an Australian, mindfully made emerging label. Dedicated to sustainability, our pieces are made to order as part of the slow fashion making process. Each piece is hand dyed, cut, sewn and made specifically for each individual who places an order. 

Gem The Label pieces are born from nature, beginning with sketching and taking inspiration from nature. Gem The Label emulates the natural world it strives to prioritse and protect.

From here prints are hand painted and formed, fabrics are hand dyed using natural dyes and fabric selections are made.

From toiles and samples to final pieces, Gem The Label garments are carefully sewn with precision in organic, natural fibre fabrics to create effortless and playful silhouettes. 

We live and breathe sustainable design and making. Every part of the designing and making process is accounted for to ensure that our pieces will last the test of time and become truly loved pieces in your wardrobes. 

Where it began

Founded in 2021 and launching her first collection in 2022, Gemma Irvine began Gem The Label after studying fashion at university.

Gem The Label was born after learning about the fashion industry and its contributions to air and water pollution, its wastage and exploitation of people.

Wanting to make a change, Gemma launched her label in the hopes to create pieces in which every aspect of the making process could be traced, accounted for and ultimately sustainable. 

Today, Gem The Label is proudly zero waste and continues to create made to order pieces which are sustainably made with love and care in our Sydney studio. 

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